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Salty One X nardurna Limited Edition collab

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Salty One (Lowell Hunter) and I have been working on a collab together for the past five months bringing our two very different styles together to create something truly unique.

The base artwork is one of Lowell's signature sand art images (Saltwater Cleansing) with my hand painted designs laid over the top. More info in the about tab...

Saltwater Cleansing was created to speak to those that seek peace and harmony with the saltwater and Sea Country. The Ocean has always kept me grounded and allowed me to let go of the negativity that I have dealt with throughout my life. The water washing over my skin is like a cleansing process and one that allows me to connect to my culture through my connection as a Saltwater Man.

I chose to add to Lowells story with some of my Country, my Grandmother always said that home is Freshwater Country, but that our big story is about three women who came from the ocean near Ngukurr in the Gulf of Carpentaria. They travelled a long way and then created our place, the hills and fresh water Country.

Edition limited to 30 prints, 15 on my website and 15 on Salty One's website

3x 53x93 cm 
2x 70x123 cm
5x 88x153 cm
5x 103x188 cm

To keep things nice and simple I have listed the sizes including the frame. The final sizes of each artwork, are as per below 

(HxW cm)
53x93 cm
88x153 cm
70x123 cm
103x183 cm

All prints will receive a Tasmanian Oak float frame also known as a tray frame, these frames allow the artwork to be inserted from the front, which means there is no glazing. Your artwork sits slightly recessed below the front of the frame.

Prints are made to order at Left Bank Art Group on the Gold Coast, please allow 3-4 weeks for your item to arrive.

All artwork is sold with free shipping Australia wide

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