Google Pixel x nardurna

Curated Culture Wallpapers on Pixel 5Some time in mid 2021 I was contacted by a New York based agency probing my interest in working on a collection of artworks for the team at Google Pixel in California. I of course jumped at this opportunity and we got to work figuring out the details.

The collaboration called for three artworks to be created to be released on Google Pixel devices globally for World Indigenous day 2021 as a sign of Googles sign of respect and appreciation. I was given full reign to produce anything I wanted with Googles only request that it be painted work.


I quickly got to work and put together three artworks each with a unique story and close meaning to me.


Waterways by nardurna for Google PixelThis artwork is named Waterways, it is a memory of my country after the wet season
Country has its fill of water, rivers and creeks are flowing creating new pathways.

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Gudanji For Country represents the interests of our Clan group, the Rrumburriya. We care for our Country as our ancestors have done before us. Our actions are deeply rooted in our culture and continue to be guided by our old people, especially our older women...

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